Special Series Posts

This page is to provide quick and easy access to my posts that belong to a specific series.  Just click on the links below and start reading!

Note: Some posts are under construction and subject to change, but I mention them to let you know what is coming up.  Stop by again for updates.

LAGS Lectures 2015-16:

1.  Ethnicity in Los Angeles

2. Gentrification and Women in STEM

3. Spatial Patterns of Crime in Long Beach

4. The Many Countries of Central Asia

5. Environmental Equity and Greenspace in Cities

Culinary Geography 2016:

11. CG: Garlic, Herbs and Butter – Cheesy Bread Four Ways

12. CG: Blue Cheese Pasta

13. Cultural Nights 2015-16

14. CG: Mushroom Risotto

15. CG: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownies

16. CG: Korean Beef Bowl

17. CG: Green Tea Cupcakes

Field Methods 2014:

1. Burning to Death in the Santa Ana Mountains

2. Clawing Through the Chaparral at Portuguese Bend

3. The Hike from Hell in La Jolla Valley

4. Sailing Across the Ocean to Catalina Island

5. Drifting Through Downtown Long Beach

6. Discourse Analysis in Downtown Los Angeles

7. Walking Along the Malibu Beach (With Video)

LAGS Lectures 2014-15:

1. Social Inequalities and GIS

2. Living Gated in Bahrain

3. Sri Lanka: Sacred Geography

4. The Community Clusters of Urban L.A.

5. Traveling to Tanzania

Culinary Geography 2015:

6. Culinary Geography: Roasted Potatoes

7. CG: Sweet Potato Chips

8. CG: Honey Garlic Noodles

9. Cultural Night(s) 2014

10. Cultural Nights 2015

Guest Posts:

1. Why I Love L.A. by Enedina Cisneros

2. The Living River by Andy Bradford

3. The Whole World, Not Just A Map by Andy Bradford

Urban Geography 2014:

1. Touring the L.A. River

2. Biking in Long Beach

3. Willow Springs Park

4. Community Gardens

5. Toxic Tour

Summer Specials 2014:

1. V3Con: Experiencing the Best of Journalism

2. Origami Festival (Ver. 2014)

3. Solo Adventures in San Diego (Part One)

4. Solo Adventures in San Diego (Part Two)

5. Solo Adventures in San Diego (Part Three)

6. Solo Adventures in San Diego (Part Four)

Culinary Geography 2013-14:

1. Culinary Geography: A New Series

2. Cultural Night: Indian Cuisine

3. Geography of Thanks

4. A Potluck Party

5. How NOT to Make Gumbo

LAGS Lectures 2013-14:

1. Geographic Heart: Flo-Cal

2. Geo-Combo: Phnom Penh and Cannabis City

3. The Less Fog the Better?

4. Jakarta: A Megacity of Inequality

5. A History of Bananas and Trade

6. CGS Conference in Los Angeles

Winter Specials 2013- 2014:

1. A Potluck Party

2. Art Applied: Technology and Art Collide

Summer Specials 2013:

Summer Special #1: Origami Festival

Summer Special #2: Nisei Week in LA

Summer Special #3: Beaches, Bonfires, Oil and Surfing

Summer Special #4: El Dorado – Park, Nature, Beauty

Summer Special #5: Fort MacArthur and Korea

Summer Special #6: Drum Barracks Civil War Museum

Geography Awareness Week 2013:

1. Geography Awareness Week

2. The Whole World, Not Just A Map

3. National GIS Day and a Map Exhibit

4. Coffee, Breakwater, and Mars


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