Sri Lanka: Sacred Geography

The Los Angeles Geographical Society (LAGS) lecture for November of 2014 was a special one for me because one of the professors from my university was the lecturer.  Dr. Unna Lassiter, (who recently became one of my thesis committee members) has traveled all over the world, but Sri Lanka holds a special place in her heart.  This is especially because of Sri Lanka’s connection to sacred geography.  Sacred geography can be described as the geography of religion or sacred places.

Map of Sri Lanka.  Image from

Map of Sri Lanka. Image from

Dr. Lassiter covered many topics regarding Sri Lanka so this post will not go into much detail about each issue but provide quick facts and interesting points about Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has the oldest and thus most ancient form of Buddhism, but it has also recently experienced 26 years of war as well as the devastating tsunami of 2004.

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