Guest Post: The Whole World, Not Just A Map

Andy’s back!  Since it’s Geography Awareness Week, he wrote this editorial for our campus paper, so it only seems fitting to have it posted here as well.  Spreading the good word of geography!

Image from

Image from

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Guest Post: The Living River

Summer is the time to relax, kick back and for me, ignore this blog that I swore I would work on all summer long.  I am ever the procrastinator.  Which is why one week before classes start again, I’m here, hoping to write all those posts I had planned.

So to make up for my laziness (or to continue it, depending on how you see it), I’ll start off my comeback with a guest post.  This post will follow along the lines of the previous one “Why I Love LA” by Enedina Cisneros.

This post is by another LA native who has a passion for geography, GIS and the LA River.

So here is why my fellow geographer Andy Bradford loves the LA River:


All photos by Andy Bradford.

Welcome to the Los Angeles River.

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Guest Post: Why I Love L.A.

The idea for this post came about from an unlikely place: my literary journalism class.  We had a guest speaker come and talk about why he loves Los Angeles.

Mike Sonksen or Mike the Poet as he is sometimes called, always had an interest in geography and the history of L.A.  Underneath that though he loved poetry and now combines his two loves by writing about L.A.  The article that explains it all is “Huell Howser and the Gospel of Beauty.”

And so I thought I should pay my own geographical tribute to Los Angeles by writing about the spaces and places that make it so unique.

Image from Google.

Image from Arbor Doctor.

But since I’ve only been living here for 4 years I thought it would be better if I had an actual L.A. native write about why they (the experts that have seen it all) love L.A.

So here is why my friend and fellow journalist Enedina Cisneros loves L.A.:

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