Los Angeles Geospatial Summit

Earlier this year I attended the Los Angeles Geospatial Summit.  This event is for those interested or working in the fields of geospatial science, technology and applications.

I arrived during the first session of student papers, thus only catching part of the paper on rooftop community gardens.  The next student paper was by Steve Strand, GIS Analyst for the Orange County Water District.  His paper was about data logging and visualizing data in a 3D format featuring a space-time path while participating in autocross.  Yes, autocross!  The student recorded the driver’s (himself) heart rate and speed while racing.  He used new sensor data, Bluetooth, to generate better location accuracy.  His visualizations were taken from automated table data.

GIS-enabled heart rate data.  Image by Steve Strand.

GIS-enabled heart rate data. Image by Steve Strand.

Next up was the panel on Unmanned Aerial Systems.  Val Vaughn and Mark Vogel discussed “How aerospace is using multi-rotor drones to supplement data needs for image processing R&D”.

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