I’m a journalist who wants to write about everything geography related.  I love journalism.  I majored in it because writing is my first love and it pushes me to talk to people and try new things but geography gives me something to focus on.  It’s my passion and allows me to know more about the world.  There is so much out there to see and so little time.   Every day should be an adventure even if it’s a small one.

Image from Pintrest.

“Travel, but be thankful you have somewhere to call home.
See everything you can see because you might not get a second chance. 
But do not blur by it like a tourist; live it like a native.”   —from Like A Native

Note about the cover photo:  The photo was taken by me on a field trip to Catalina Island in California. It’s one of the best places to get ocean views like that one.  I’m glad geography allowed me the chance to see the beauty of such a place.


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  2. Hi,
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    Derek Phelan

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