V3Con 2015: Where Photog Meets Journo

For the second year in a row I volunteered as a photographer for V3Con, a digital media conference for Asian American journalists (though anyone is welcomed to attend and volunteer).  V3Con is hosted by the Asian American Journalist’s Association (AAJA), Los Angeles chapter.  V3 stands for Vision, Visibility and Voice and awards for those three areas are presented to Asian Americans who represent them (or those who have influenced Asian-American media).

This year’s was especially exciting because one of the honorees was Randall Park from the TV show Fresh Off the Boat.  So basically I got to meet a TV star.  See photo below for proof.

Me and the other volunteers with Randall Park and Forrest Wheeler.

Me and the other volunteers with Randall Park and Forrest Wheeler.  Photo by a V3Con volunteer.

The conference started off on June 26 with a Friday night reception at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) where attendees could mingle, eat dinner and watch a live performance by Priska (who was AMAZING by the way).  Attendees also got to meet and take photos with the honorees (mostly Randall Park and his co-star Forrest Wheeler).

Saturday, June 27, was the official conference day with panels discussing issues such as technology and storytelling, podcasting, being two “others” (biracial), Asian superheroes, social metrics, breaking through the bamboo ceiling,  the state of the Asian American blog, the financial side of freelancing, a conversation with Randall Park and much more.  There was something for everyone.

Being a blogger, I obviously had to attend the panel on that.  Unfortunately I missed the talk on being biracial because I was assigned to take photos at a different panel, but I was still able to see most of the afternoon discussions.  And of course I got as many photos of the events as I could, regardless of whether I was working during them or not.

Non-panel events included a free breakfast, lunch and snack, free admission to the museum, Twitter bingo and a photo booth where one could take silly pictures with friends.  Lunch was especially interesting because they were serving a wasabi fish fillet sandwich (from McDonald’s), which they said would be the first and only time it would be served in the U.S.  So of course everyone had to try it.  Except me because I do not like wasabi and have lived in Japan so something like that is not particularly special to me.  I had the chicken salad and was glad I did.  It was damn good (considering it was McDonald’s).

While I did not get to see the museum exhibits, I was too tired, I did take a photo at the booth (see below).  I’m looking “Hella AZN” as one friend put it.  I also participated in the Twitter bingo though I did not finish enough to win any prizes because Twitter decided that very day should be the one when they do not let me post any photos.  (You owe me boxes of green tea Pocky Twitter!)  You can check out my Twitter posts for V3Con @laylitaday with the hashtag #V3Con and #V3Bingo.

Me having fun at the photo booth.  Photo by Nielsen.

Me having fun at the photo booth. Photo by Nielsen.

One of the things I loved the most about this year’s conference though was the fact that V3Con used FOUR of my photos on their website (vs only one last year).  Yeah, four isn’t a lot.  Other photographers had way more displayed but I’m looking on the bright side.  Maybe next year I’ll have 10 photos displayed!

Until then here are the four featured on their site.  The first and second were used for two of their blogs posts (can be seen on their main page).  The other two are featured in their gallery.  Enjoy!  I hope this inspires you to attend next year’s V3Con.

Bonus Photos:

The first two are of Koji Steven Sakai, who is the programs manager at JANM.  He thought it would be a good idea to bring his son onstage with him.  He soon regretted that.  Just look at that mischievous grin on his son’s face.  The last photo is of all the Steering Committee members.




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