Origami Festival (Ver. 2014)

For the second time, I attended the Origami Festival at Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden at Cal State Long Beach.  For my first visit, you can read my post from last year: Summer Special #1: Origami Festival.

This year’s festival was on July 13 and included even more amazing origami and I was able to make a lot more including some more difficult designs.  The admission price for the general public was $15, but students and members get discounts.

There were geometric designs, animals, food, boxes, dragons, roses, hats, bowls and so much more.  Since this is an event better expressed visually, I present this post as a photo story.  Enjoy.

All photos by GeoMaster.   First up, geometric designs.


Scenes from the inside.

More Scenes.

Final Scenes.

The blue rose is made using special paper and takes about an hour to make.  This and other roses were for display only.  Much to my disappointment.  I did get a small dragon though.


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