A Geo-Journalist Graduate

I graduated from California State University, Long Beach on Wednesday May 21, 2014!!!!

So that’s what I’ve been up to this past semester, not posting because I was too busy freaking out, having fun and trying not to miss out on anything during my last semester of college.  This post is to show my Beach Pride and reflect on my two loves, my two majors: Journalism and Geography.  The very reasons I started this blog in the first place.

Photos by Amatullah Guyot

Reflecting on college in general: On the one hand, it’s been a long journey.  My life before college seems distant.  If high school me could see college graduate me!  But it’s also hard to believe that it only took me four years to get through college, especially while earning two degrees.

When we first start college and even before that, we build up this image and create these expectations.  We see college as this giant step in not just our education, but also our instant passage into adult life.  But there is no instant passage into adulthood.  It is a constant process that we’re never quite ready for.  Yes, I’m older and wiser than I was before, but there are still a million things that I have yet to learn.  College is just the beginning.

What I have learned though is that college is an amazing experience and it was worth all the hard work and craziness of studying, writing papers, group projects and all-nighters.

Photos by various friends and family.

Journalism has been my constant in college.  My decision to major in it was questioned by all who knew me.  “That shy girl can’t be a journalist!”  That though is exactly why I went for it.  I got to do something I already loved to do, write, and improve my communication skills.  But I got so much more from it.  I found blogging and gained social media skills.  I learned about the world of online media and discovered how much I loved taking photos.  I got a job in design and worked as a copy editor for the paper.  I became more than I thought I could be.  And that’s what college is really for.  If it doesn’t help you grow as a person, then you’re missing half of what a college education is all about.

Geography was my mid-college life discovery.  As much as we students despise taking general education classes, they can be an important part of discovering what your other passions are or what your real main passion is.  In my quest to find a minor, I came out with a second major.  Geography has given me an area to focus on; a place where I can put my journalism skills to good use.  After all, many journalists need to have a beat and geography is mine.  This two areas, seemingly so different, are really two sides of the same coin.

And that, along with needing to brand myself as a journalist, is what gave me the idea to call myself a “Geo-Journalist”.  I have dedicated myself to reporting on all things geography-related from environmental to urban issues because knowing about our world and the interconnections that drive it is vital to success in the future.

Photos by various friends and family.

But my college education is not quite over yet.  I have applied and been (informally) accepted to the geography master’s program at my alma mater!  Being only the second in my family to go after a master’s degree makes this even more special and drives me to do my absolute best.  The joy of pursuing a master’s degree among professors I know and respect at an amazing and diverse program is more than I could have asked for and I can’t wait to see what the next two or three years hold for me.

Besides, this blog is named GeoMaster.  What better way to live up to that goal than by getting a master’s in geography?  (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

As for future posts, I will write about all the amazing things I did over my last semester and any adventures I go on over the summer.  Look forward to posts multiple times a week or at least once a week.

And if you’re looking for a Geo-Journalist to hire, I’m available.



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