Cultural Night: Indian Cuisine

There are few things that better represent a culture than food.  So that’s why, as part of a way of getting to know fellow geography students outside of class, the Geography Student Association (GSA) at CSULB holds a Cultural Night every semester.  Basically we pick a different ethnic restaurant every semester to help students eat outside their comfort zone.

For Spring 2013 the GSA went to Abyssinia Ethiopian.  Unfortunately I couldn’t attend that one.

This semester though I’m more committed to the GSA (I’m the vice president), so I was able to help set everything up and attend the event as well.  I even made flyers!

Fall 2013 CN Flyer designed by me.

Fall 2013 CN Flyer designed by me.

Natarj in Long Beach was actually part of a larger chain of Indian restaurants started by two friends, Vijay Khosla and Inderjit Singh in January of 1991.  They started several locations throughout Southern California.  Some have been sold off, including the one in Long Beach, but that doesn’t seem to have caused it harm any.  In fact, there are quite a lot of good reviews.

Our Cultural Night group also had a really good time.  The people who run Natraj were very nice and accommodating to our need for a large party and of course the food was great.  I tried fish curry because I’d never even heard of that before.  I really loved the mango lassi, which is a yogurt drink popular in northern India.  Here’s a recipe, so you can make your own.  I would go back to Natraj everyday just to have that!  Oh, and the fried vegetables too.  I’m used to the Japanese style fried vegetables, but I think the Indian ones were even better.  (Blasphemy for me, I know!)

So what’s the history of Indian food?  So glad you asked!  Here are two articles that discuss that very topic: History of Indian Food and History of Indian Cuisine.  Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Cultural Night: Indian Cuisine

    • Thank you! I plan to write more posts on Culinary Geography when I get some time. I’d love suggestions of interesting food cultures to write about, so if you have any just send a message.

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