For the Love of Travel

It’s no secret that I want to travel.  But like most people, actually getting out there and seeing the world is a lot harder to do.  Especially when you’re a poor college student. Yes, I know, cliché but true.

So it’s a great thing that I know the amazing Amy Rigby aka The Wherever Writer.  She posted that she had taken the Maptia Challenge.  This challenge is to live by the Maptia Manifesto, which you can print out, take a picture of it somewhere amazing and post to their website.  This manifesto is a way to travel the world vicariously and get you to see your own area from a new perspective. Your current residence may be just home to you but to others it could be their next adventure!



I decided to take the challenge and took my manifesto picture at my university because it’s like a second home to me.

My Maptia Manifesto (taken at CSULB).

My Maptia Manifesto (taken at CSULB).

Maptia is a startup created by three people who hope to get pictures from people like you from all 193 countries.  Their ultimate goal is to produce a map showing all these places.  So take the pledge and live your dreams!

There are also many other cool things on their site such as inspirational posters and postcards that you can download.

So what are you waiting for?  Help Maptia see YOUR world and what makes it amazing to you!


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