Women in Geography

I’m constantly getting emails about internships and events from the Geography Department at my university.  Usually I just give them a quick glance and move on. After all, I’m busy and there are so many other emails to read.  But this time one stood out.  It was about an event held by The Society of Women Geographers.

Marty Talbot SWG

Marty Talbot SWG  Image from SWG’s website.

At first I thought, “What??  This exists?”  Then I thought, “Well, of course it does.  Shame on me for not knowing.”  So I decided to learn more about it.  As a woman in geography, it was my duty (more or less).

Most science fields have and to some extent are still male dominated.  But there have been women in geography for a long time.  Some were explorers and others were scientists.  Recently National Geographic compiled a list of unknown women in science who went unrecognized and had to give their work to male colleagues.

Images from Wikipedia.

Of the many disciplines in geography, it should be no surprise that feminist geography is included among them.  This type of geography focuses on women in relation to their place in society and how they occupy and affect spaces and places.

In fact one person goes on to say how geography was a key area, making it easier for women to get into science.  Maria Popova’s article ” How Geography Paved the Way for Women in Science and Cultivated the Values of American Democracy” gives you an even deeper insight into women and geography.

Margaret D. Foster - Chemist

Margaret D. Foster – Chemist  Image from website listed above.

While we’re here let’s give a shout out to all the women in geology.  Here are some links to information about how women got into geology and how they are succeeding in it today.  Enjoy!

Association for Women Geoscientists (AWG)

Geologizing Women into the Field!

Geology: Calling All Girls

Women in Geology

Hey, look!  I even found videos.

A historical overview:

Women in science today:

Are you a woman in science?  Would you like to tell your story of working in the field? I’ll gladly feature it here on my blog!


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