Women in Geography

I’m constantly getting emails about internships and events from the Geography Department at my university.  Usually I just give them a quick glance and move on. After all, I’m busy and there are so many other emails to read.  But this time one stood out.  It was about an event held by The Society of Women Geographers.

Marty Talbot SWG

Marty Talbot SWG  Image from SWG’s website.

At first I thought, “What??  This exists?”  Then I thought, “Well, of course it does.  Shame on me for not knowing.”  So I decided to learn more about it.  As a woman in geography, it was my duty (more or less).

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Geography vs. Geology

People are always mixing up geography and geology.  Both fields are not very well-known and they do have similar names as well as areas of study, but THEY ARE DIFFERENT!

Feels good to get that out there.

Ever since I got into both fields, I’ve had to constantly correct people.  It can get a bit tiring.  So in this post I will draw the line and tell you what makes them similar and what makes them different.

Image from Google
Image from www.unomaha.edu

To start, I’ll give you the dictionary definitions, and then I’ll give you some examples.  After reading this, you won’t ever make the mistake of confusing the two again (I hope). Continue reading