Guest Post: Why I Love L.A.

The idea for this post came about from an unlikely place: my literary journalism class.  We had a guest speaker come and talk about why he loves Los Angeles.

Mike Sonksen or Mike the Poet as he is sometimes called, always had an interest in geography and the history of L.A.  Underneath that though he loved poetry and now combines his two loves by writing about L.A.  The article that explains it all is “Huell Howser and the Gospel of Beauty.”

And so I thought I should pay my own geographical tribute to Los Angeles by writing about the spaces and places that make it so unique.

Image from Google.

Image from Arbor Doctor.

But since I’ve only been living here for 4 years I thought it would be better if I had an actual L.A. native write about why they (the experts that have seen it all) love L.A.

So here is why my friend and fellow journalist Enedina Cisneros loves L.A.:

“Los Angeles de California.The birthplace of me.” -George Hamilton as Zorro, “Zorro the Gay Blade.”

    A common misconception about living in Los Angeles is that celebrities are seen every five minutes. That is not true. I’ve lived in L.A. for half of my life and I can count with one hand all the celebrities that I’ve seen!

Although celebrities aren’t a common next door neighbor for most Angelinos, there are a few easy ways to meet celebrities. But don’t hold your breath on finally meeting Brad Pitt or Leo DiCaprio. I’m talking about B list celebrities that are the most approachable and humble people of all celebrities.

During Spring break I had the opportunity to ACTUALLY speak to one of my heros, Kevin Smith. I have seen Smith at some of his podcast recordings, but the show is usually so entertaining and packed tight that there isn’t much opportunity for the audience to speak up. This time, I went to a recording of Russell Brand’s show, Brand X. Unlike the podcasts, the live TV show has commercial breaks. Thank. God.

Dina's Post

The Russell Brand Show. Photo by Enedina C.

For those of you who are not familiar with Kevin Smith, he is the director of indie films like Mallrats, Clerks, Jersey Girl, Red State, and other of the like. Perhaps his real name might not ring a bell, but you have most likely heard of him as Silent Bob along with his, as they call each other, heterosexual life partner Jay (Jason Mewes.)

My adventure with Smith begun like this: My friend and I decided that we should buy plain t-shirts and write quotes from Smith’s podcasts on them. We figured that we would probably be in the front (because we are pretty fun-sized… ok at least I am) however we ended up in the fifth or sixth row. Still not bad. Our plan was to stand up as soon as he walked on stage. Surely he would be looking and waving at the audience, and would thus notice the girls standing. We imagined him giving us a thumbs up and we would subsequently become best friends.  Wrong!  He did not see us standing in the crowd.

Luckily, during a commercial break the studio was quiet and Smith was just chilling on stage. I saw the opportunity and I seized it. “Hey Kevin!” I shouted as I stood. “Yeah?” Smith said. “We made shirts!!!!” At this point my friend and I were standing excitedly pointing at our crappily made shirts. “Right on” Smith said.

Dina's Post 2

Enedina, enjoying the show. Photo by Enedina C.

And that was the epic conversation. Sure, it was only a few seconds but how many of you have actually spoken to your hero? That’s what I thought.

To all the newbie Angelinos out there, if there is a celebrity you like it might not be that hard to meet them. Look them up, maybe they are doing a benefit show, a signing, a panel, a meet and greet, you never know!

Enedina Cisneros is a reporter for the Daily 49er, CSULB’s campus newspaper.  She works as a radio production assistant and has done reports for Kbeach, the campus’ radio station. She has covered events ranging from school security to pro and con homosexuality protests.

She also has a blog on where to go to find the hottest (we mean that literally) foods in L.A.

I Like it Hot

Speaking of radio and geography… Kbeach also hosts the The Casual Geographer, where you can get geography, music and humor.


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