Geography Loves April

I don’t know if there is an official geography month, but if there was I think it would be April.  There are a lot of things going on this month for geographers.

There are many conferences and the biggest of these is the Association of American Geographers.  It is happening this week and is being held  right here in Los Angeles this year.


Image from AAG website.

Another one is being held by the California Geographical Society at San Luis Obispo  on 26-28.  There is also a smaller one just for students held by the Los Angeles Geographical Society at Los Angeles City College on May 3 (ok, technically that is not April but close enough). 


Image from CGS website.

Geographers present research they have done and these conferences are also a great way to meet and network with other geographers.  Sometimes students can get reimbursed for traveling expenses if they are presenting a paper.  I unfortunately don’t have anything to present and no time to attend, but hopefully when I’m a grad student I can go to one of these myself.

Have you ever been?  What was your experience?

April is also the month with Earth Day and that has been extended into Earth Week by many.  For physical and environmental geographers this day/week is a way to bring more awareness about environmental problems (and solutions) to the public.

At CSULB there will be several events, two of which I mentioned in previous posts (April 4th and 2nd respectively).  The Environmental Studies department will host Green Generation on April 18th from 5 to 8 pm and the Geography Department will have their annual photo contest.

Finally the Geography Student Association at CSULB is hosting their Comedy Night on the 25th at Jammin Long Beach Music School Theater in Bixby Knolls.   Jasper Redd, Ryan Conner and Kimberly Clark will be appearing.  This is a benefit event (suggested donation of $10).  You can have a good time and help support geography students.  It’s a win-win.


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