The Beauty of Wandering (Aimlessly)

I love exploring.  I’m a very curious person and always wondering what is over there or where does that go.  As both a geographer and journalist, this is a good thing.  Geographers usually like to travel and journalists are always looking for something to write about.

Sometimes when I have a break, I will just walk around campus with no destination in mind.  Sometimes I will actively go to areas that I’ve never been before.  I’m not looking for something fantastic.  It’s more of a simple desire to know.  I probably look lost or just strange as I go up and down hallways and streets, peeking through windows or stopping to look at all the posters along the wall, but I don’t care.  You never know what you might find just by walking around.  And I’ve found quite a bit.

WanderlustImage from Pintrest

Image from Pintrest

Last summer I was working on campus and instead of just rushing home I decided to take advantage of the beautiful California weather.  I’ve completely fallen in love with it after growing up in hot, humid Florida and rainy season/cold winters Japan.  I would sit in the sun or enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the two fountains.  But I also explored.

Brotman Hall Fountain

Brotman Hall Fountain

One of the reasons I decided to go to CSULB was because the campus is big and green.  I saw the beauty of it and the possibilities of discovery.   There are certain areas there that most students never venture, so I of course had to go exploring.  I started by walking through what I consider the “back area”of the campus.  These are the buildings behind the main ones.  I discovered more classrooms and also little sitting areas.  Further along I found what appeared to be the maintenance buildings and rather worn out looking faculty offices.

McIntosch Humanities Building Fountain

McIntosch Humanities Building Fountain

But my favorite discovery was behind the science buildings.  At first I wondered through the inside of the buildings.  In one I found a basement floor filled with various maintenance supplies.  In the other I just marveled at the newness and cleanness of it.  It is the newest building on campus and I have a bit of an obsession with it because it’s where I took the geology classes that would start me on my current path.

Behind that building, I found two interesting vehicles.  One was the geology van, used for field work and the other came as a complete surprise.  On the side were the words: “Mobile Science Museum.”

“Really?” I thought, “We have this?  What is in there?”

Mobile Science Museum

Mobile Science Museum

Unfortunately that last question has remained unanswered.  But just finding them was fun and even though the Mobile Science Museum was parked out of my reach, I was able to check out the geology van up close.  Yes, I’m such a nerd.

Geology van at CSULB

Geology van at CSULB

Even three years into my college career, there are still places I have yet to explore, but that’s just more to look forward to.  Most people see exploring as something grand like traveling to distant countries.  But sometimes you can have fun just by seeing what is in your very own backyard.  You never know what might be out there, conveniently within reach.  Go explore.  Have fun.


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