When Geography, Photography and Journalism Collide

A college campus is full of people thrusting flyers in your face and trying to sell you baked goods for some cause.  So the boards plastered with photos shouldn’t have even registered on my radar, but it did.  I thought, “That’s different.  I’ll take a look.”  Taped on both sides were beautiful pictures of nature and amazing ones of international places.  A guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to vote.

“Vote?  For what?”

“Your favorite pictures from each category.”

2011 Winner Bret Hartt's "Owl's Eye."

2011 Winner Bret Hartt’s “Owl’s Eye.”

I did and didn’t think of it again till the next spring when my geography professor ended class early and asked us to vote for the geography photo contest before we sprinted off to our next class.  He led us to a display of boards covered in pictures.  I was surprised but thrilled.  I finally knew what this was and was glad I had participated last year.

2011 Winner Ana Johnson's "Puja."

2011 Winner Ana Johnson’s “Puja.”

Now that I’m a geography major and member of the Geography Student Association (GSA), I’ve gotten to play a bigger role in the photo contest.  Not only will I be entering my own pictures, but I also got to design the flyer promoting it.  Thanks to my job as a graphic designer for the campus newspaper, the Daily 49er, I had the ability to contribute something to the club and the geography department.

Flyer for 2013 Geography Photo Contest.

Flyer for 2013 Geography Photo Contest.

So when people say that journalism and geography are two very different fields, I say yes but also not really.  The skills I learn in journalism help me be a better geographer and vice versa.  They are actually two sides of the same coin.  You just need to flip it to see the connection.  I first learned this when an assignment became an adventure.  But that is for another post.  Till then look for the connections in your own life.  How are your skills, hobbies and anything else all a part of you?


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